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5 Reasons why React native is recommended for mobile app development

Since Facebook made the library open source, the epic React Framework is always on the top trending list among the web and mobile development world. The React brought an altogether different approach to JS-based application development. The React Native is an extension in the React Family which enables efficient and cost-effective development
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Why SaaS Churn is critical for the success of a SaaS based startup

As we all know SaaS startup is one of the most talked about and trendy keyword in the Internet today. Since the last couple of  years, the IT world witnessed many well known desktop solutions and turnkey applications launching there SaaS Versions to get a sweet share of the pie.
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Why is it important to create business model for your startup

What is the most important step once you find that you have an idea which will have a niche and opportunity in the market? I am sure 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs with the technology background will answer it as building a very good product or a killer prototype based on the
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5 factors that will increase the chance to get your startup funding from angel investors

Some  entrepreneurs still believe in  a popular myth existed before couple of years  about how to get startup funding. It is like this. A fairly good product idea, an eye catching PPT, few exorbitant numbers and  charts will convince an investor to pledge money on any startup. Well this not at
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5 common product management mistakes a startup should try to avoid

In a startup in most cases,one of the founders, will be assigned the role of product manager.  Even if the guy do have theoretical knowledge on product management and is a veteran in the industry this might not be helpful enough. In the case of a startup, the dynamics are
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5 points to know while coding startup project

When you plan to start coding startup project application, the best part is there will be a lot of excitement. What you build may be a trendsetter or a game changer. The thought itself is motivating and elevates the energy level. It opens up a lot of possibilities and a
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